Sunday, March 25, 2012

Turnouts - stock rails and guard rails

Yet another step forward - stock rails and guardrails. I cut lengths of Micro Engineering code 70 nickel silver rail (non-weathered) and bonded them to the tie strips. The tie strips are self-gauging so you more or less need only drop the rails in place. You are however requested to make a small kink in the stock rail for the diverging route, just before the points.

I used Pliobond contact cement, mostly because I had it at hand and have used it before, when laying rail on wood ties. That was in N scale, but I see no reason why a contact cement should not do its job in this application as well.

I also glued the styrene guardrails in place. I used a NMRA track gauge to check the flange ways, and they seemed OK. So far so good.

Here is a closer view.

The shiny spots you can see where the point rails are to begin are pieces of self-adhesive metal foil. They are supposed to electrically connect the stock rails to the points. I hope they will become less visible when everything is in place and has been painted and weathered.

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