Saturday, March 3, 2012

Starting Anew

My new H0 layout will be a switching layout, featuring a small yard in a contemporary city or industrial area setting. Details yet to be decided. It will be freelanced and not be based on any particular prototype. But why this strange name - The Three Yards Yard? Well, the layout will be about three yards long and will include a yard...

I am reusing the space and bench work of my previous N scale SP layout. I simply removed the scenery and the sub roadbed. I also took it off the brackets it rested on, and put it directly on the shelves below. This is not the ideal viewing height, but the layout no longer dominates the room. And that is better.

I found the track plan I am considering on a web site which used to be at this URL, but apparently it has ceased to exist. Too bad, since I now cannot give credit to the persons due. Here is my version of that track plan.

I will probably not keep the trackage that square and linear. Some bends will be required to make it more interesting. I have not yet decided on industries, but some inter modal/container ops will be included. The picture below shows the track plan, printed in 1:1 scale and placed on top of the bench work.

And last for today, my switching engine CNW 1316 (an MP-15 DC) with a 60 ft boxcar placed on the bench work, just to give an idea about overall layout dimensions.

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