Saturday, December 2, 2017

Mud spatter

After yet another tip from a fellow modeler I went along to add some earth/mud spatter to the car ends and the bays near the wheels. The tip was to apply this by 'flicking' mud colored washes onto the car by running a finger over a toothbrush.

Since I had never used this technique before I first practiced on a piece of paper. First with water and then with a wash. When I thought I had the hang of it I turned to the car. That was a total disaster! The car looked like it had the measles or something. Way to much of the wash was released, although I thought I knew how to control it. But maneuvering the toothbrush as far in as possible into the end cage at the same time was not that easy.

Fortunately I had had sense enough to seal all the previous weathering with dull-core before attempting the splatter trick, so it was easy enough to wash the spatter away under the water tap.

The second try was more successful. Still a little too much spatter, but I got rid of the excess using a few cotton swabs. In the end I'm quite satisfied, and I learned a new technique along the way!

Here are a few pics of the, now finished, car.