Thursday, March 22, 2012

Turnouts - part 2

The glue I used when binding the tie strips to the hardboard is of the same type as American "Gorilla Glue", and naturally I had forgotten that it expands when it sets. Meaning it oozed up along the sides of the ties. It did not overflow the ties, but I had to do some cutting and peeling with an X-acto knife to remove most of it.

Otherwise construction continued as described in the supplied instructions. The first step was to do some filing and trimming of the points. The points "hook" into the tie plate, and swing around that hook. The points had to be trimmed with a small file to get a proper fit. Also, flash had to be removed from the throw bar and tie block pieces. All of these parts where then laid aside for future use.

Next, the frog block was glued in place. Its proper location given by small tabs on the bottom, fitting into holes in the ties.

Well, that was what I accomplished during this session.

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