Sunday, April 19, 2015

An O Scale Turnout

My modeling efforts have been scarce these days, and not consistent when it comes to scale. My last contribution to the hobby is a turnout in O scale!

Click to get a closer view.

How come? Well, it started when I happened to run into Mike Cougill's book Detailing Track. Since I have always been more or less a nerd when it comes to realistically modeled track, this book really got me hooked. I just had to try this for myself! So I decided to build an O scale turnout, using the techniques outlined in Mike's book, and with the hardware details he recommended.

This is my parts list:

To use pine for the ties was not a very good idea. The pine is to hard to allow the spikes to be just pushed down. Instead I had to pre-drill every spike hole. Not very funny! Basswood is not readily available here in Sweden., but in retrospect I now know it would have been worth the effort to order it from overseas.
Some more photos:

Thanks for looking.