Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Building a warehouse, part 4

In this part of my little "Building a warehouse" series of posts we have arrived at the installation of the canopy. Before installing it above the loading dock, I spray painted it a light gray. Also before the canopy, I installed a number of down-spouts. I made those from styrene rod and small pieces of styrene strip bent around the rod. The latter simulating the hardware that keeps the down-spouts in place.

Here are some pictures of the warehouse with the canopy in place.

And here it is on the layout. Still lacking the roof, but that you cannot see from this angle.

Thanks for watching.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Building a warehouse, part 3

I have put together the canopy, i.e. the roof above the loading dock. Right now, before painting it looks like this:

Agree. It does not look very interesting. Just some Evergreen corrugated metal siding. A closer look shows that I have attached some .080" (2.0mm) channel along one of the long sides:

The channel represents the gutter, and it will be on the side facing the wall, meaning the whole canopy will be slightly tilted towards the wall. That's the way it was done on the prototype I'm using. Better to have the rain water accumulate along the wall instead of between the loading deck and the cars being worked, I guess.

If the top side of the roof is fairly dull, the underside is more interesting.

Here you can see the supporting structure, built up of I-beams. A closer look shows the details:


The beam along the wall (far side in the picture) is .125" (3.2mm) I-beam. The cross members are the same size. The beams along the front and the middle are 0.080" (2.0mm).

The next step is painting and mounting the canopy to the warehouse wall.

Thanks for watching.