Sunday, October 3, 2021

Test track

Before launching this latest project I did some tests, laying down On2 track. The rail is Micro Engineering code 70 and the spikes are long O Scale spikes from the Proto:87 Stores. As you may have noticed in the real world photos in the previous post, this track does not make use of any tie plates. Wich makes life easier for the modeler. 😏

This is how the test turned out.

And with an O Scale man to give a sense of size.

Lime quarry and lime works rail line in On2 scale

I am starting a new project. Once again in American O scale (1:48) but this time based on a Swedish narrow gauge prototype, namely the old 600 mm gauge rail line at the Bläse lime quarry and lime works. Bläse is located on the Swedish island of Gotland, in the Baltic Sea. The lime stone operation is long since discontinued but the site still exists today, as a museum. The museum includes the restored rail line between the quarry and the lime works, and is run as a tourist line.

Here are some pictures:

My intention is not to model the whole setup or rail line. I am just doing a small part of it as a vignette or diorama. All the same, I would like to make the (future) rolling stock movable and self propelled.

As said, the track is 600 mm gauge, but since that is just 9 mm shy of 2 feet I will be doing the track in On2 scale (2 ft gauge track in 1:48 scale). Hopefully that will make it a little easier to find some ready to run or "kitbashable" rolling stock. And it makes track laying tools such as track gauges readily available.

So far I have cut a piece of foam and covered it with 2 mm cork. This will the be the combined dioarama base and subroad bed. I have also laid out a first version track plan using paper templates. The plan covers the area where the tourist train loads and unloads and where the engine house is located.

Saturday, June 26, 2021


Due to an upcoming move this O scale shelf layout has been dismantled. 😢

Below, on its way to destruction...

Apart from the rolling stock, I saved two items. The old barn and the turnout that started it all.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Starting a parallel blog

I have started building a non-railroad related diorama. As such it does not fit to describe it on this blog so I started another parallel blog: Lennart's Dioramas and other Modeling Projects. Please follow the link and have a look.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Mud spatter

After yet another tip from a fellow modeler I went along to add some earth/mud spatter to the car ends and the bays near the wheels. The tip was to apply this by 'flicking' mud colored washes onto the car by running a finger over a toothbrush.

Since I had never used this technique before I first practiced on a piece of paper. First with water and then with a wash. When I thought I had the hang of it I turned to the car. That was a total disaster! The car looked like it had the measles or something. Way to much of the wash was released, although I thought I knew how to control it. But maneuvering the toothbrush as far in as possible into the end cage at the same time was not that easy.

Fortunately I had had sense enough to seal all the previous weathering with dull-core before attempting the splatter trick, so it was easy enough to wash the spatter away under the water tap.

The second try was more successful. Still a little too much spatter, but I got rid of the excess using a few cotton swabs. In the end I'm quite satisfied, and I learned a new technique along the way!

Here are a few pics of the, now finished, car.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Wheel spit

I added rusting caused by wheel spit to the ends and the bays of the BN hopper, as suggested by a TRW member.