Wednesday, May 1, 2013


With yard ballasting finally done, I thought it was time to start planning for some structures. Of course, I have had a mental picture of what I would like to achieve, but now I was prepared to become more concrete.

In the far west end I have planned for some odd shaped buildings. Shapes that would justify the diamond I have already put in there. These building will probably be in a somewhat older style. Brick perhaps. I also plan to add a walkway that spans the mainline. This would make it possible to install a mirror where the track ends, possible extending the apparent line. Here is a picture of the mock-ups on that part of the layout.

Further to the east (right) I plan to build a contemporary warehouse. It will be quite a long structure. I split it into two sections, with an interconnecting piece with other dimensions in between, just to make things visually more interesting.