Sunday, March 18, 2012

CVT Turnouts

One of the reasons I wanted to try some H0 modeling was the opportunity to make some detailed turnouts. At least more detailed than standard N scale turnouts (I have done my fair share of N Scale turnout detailing, but with a less good result. You can start reading about that project here. The last post is here).

For this H0 project I choose to try the Central Valley Turnout kits. They seem to have a fair amount of detailing and still be easy to build. So some time ago I ordered a #7 kit and a #6 kit, both for code 70 rail. I also ordered a sample pack of "branch line ties" and some Micro Engineering code 70 rail. And a few days ago the parcel arrived. Here are some photos of the content.

Above, to the right of the tie strip, are head block, "drawbar", switch stand, guard rails and so on. The small bag above all that includes the cast points ("white metal") and the plastic frog.

Here is a close up of the "branch line tie strip" (top) and the #6 turnout tie strip (bottom).

Since I have never done any CVT turnouts before I decided to build these two at the workbench, rather that directly on the layout. I cut some hard.board the same shape as the turnout tie strips, and glued down the strips on top. The hard board is exactly the same thickness as the cork subroad I intend to use, so the turnouts should later mate without any problems with the rest of the rail.

Here are the strips on top of the hardboard. The glue is still wet, and whole thing will soon be hidden below some weights (heavy books) while it sets.

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  1. Smart little kits, they're fun and have quite a bit of detail.