Thursday, April 5, 2012


Both test turnouts are done and have I turned my attention to the tie strips, of which I have so far acquired a "test pack". I had some leftover N scale cork roadbed which happens to be exactly the same thickness as the plywood I built the turnouts on. So I saw no reason why I should not use it as roadbed for my H0 track. It being on the "thin" side is in fact a bonus for this yard and spur oriented layout. But to compensate for the fact that H0 track is wider than N scale track I used three parallel cork strips, as seen in the picture below (lousy glue job on the leftmost strip, by the way).

I used a "Gorilla glue" type glue to attach the cork to the foam, and held the cork in place with pins while it was setting. Here is another picture showing one of the plywood based turnouts, surrounded by cork roadbed.

The turnouts are still just lying loose on the foam. As you can see I have soldered feeder wires to them. A total of seven wires to each turnout - one for each point, one for each closure rail, one for each stock rail and one for the frog rails. Before gluing the turnouts in place I will poke wholes in the foam, and thread the wires through it.

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