Monday, April 30, 2012

Cork is down

All the cork is down. Although I thought I had a substantial amount of cork when I started out, I still had to order more before it was all done. Even for this small layout.

In the area down to the right in the picture below I plan for some kind of container and inter-modal operation. So here I skipped the cork and will instead be running the tracks down on the foam.

As you might notice I deviated from the original plan at the far end. I extended the track to the right of the yard up to the end of the layout, and made it cross the right-most track. I do not yet know how I will justify this twist, when it comes to operations and structures. But it will at least give me the opportunity to model a diamond crossing.

When I was done with the cork I painted the foam with a tan latex paint. Gives the whole thing a somewhat more pleasing look.

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