Thursday, February 9, 2017

Better dandelions

My last post showed how I created some dandelions, and it ended with me saying that I was quite satisfied with the result. Apparently that was not true, 'cause I could not stop thinking about how to do them better.

The problem was that the actual flowers were too large. The blobs of sawdust and glue that was the base for the yellow chalk powder where simply too big. And they were difficult to form and handle. I needed a better base for the chalk. This is what I did.

I cut off the old flowers, and also generally shortened the stems, since the plants were too high as well. I then cut short pieces of green wire insulation and slid on to the top of the stems, secured by CA. Once the CA had set I cut the insulation pieces even shorter, like this:

Then I dabbed some more CA on the top of the insulation pieces and dipped them in the yellow chalk. The result was this:

In the picture they look rather similar to the ones I did yesterday, and they are, but they are actually not that high and the flowers are considerably smaller. Overall, a much better O scale dandelion "impersonation".

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